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We offer Email service, phone service, Facebook messenger and Instergram DM service. If you have any urgent or instant question, you are welcomed to contcat us click here> Facebook or Instagram.Of course, please correct me if you have any shortcomings in what we have done. Any suggestions are very important to us.

For questions about your order or purchase, as well as any suggestions or comments about florcoo please contact us:

Email: (reply within 24 hours on working days, 48 hours on non-working days)

Attention: please ensure that you enter your email address correctly when checking out or creating an account. That way you will be assured of receiving your order and shipping confirmation emails. Your order number and details will be included in these mails. If your email address is correct and you haven't received a confirmation email, please check your spam/junk box and remove our email from that list.

Returns will not be accepted without you having previously contacted our customer service team.

Please do not return your parcel to the address on the shipping label as that is our shipping agent and we will not receive it.

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